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E-travel Instructions

Login to myUMBC from the UMBC Home Page and select the Guide (Topics) Menu, select Financial Services & Accounting, select the E-Travel Request Form on the top left of the page.
(From within PeopleSoft Finance: Access through “Campus Workcenter”>Link on lower left >UMBC Travel)

Important: All fields denoted with an * are required to be filled in before submitting the form.

1) Travel Agency:

    Select Globetrotter, Omega or Travel-On if the University is purchasing the airline/rail ticket from one of these contracted travel agencies.

Select “Other” If you are not using a contracted travel agency. This indicates that you are purchasing your own ticket or driving.

   Note for Athletic Department Only: Select “Athletic Globetrotter” and “Athletic Omega”

2) Is the traveler an employee? Select either “Yes” or “No.

When “Yes” is selected:

a. “Yes” displays prompt to Search for Employee: with a magnifying glass.
b. Search for Employee: Last Name.
c. For common names, please include First Name.
d. The search will allow you to select the employee traveler’s Legal Name.

When “No” is selected:

a. “No” displays fields for Traveler’s Last Name and First Name.
b. Name Must be the same as the identification the traveler will present at the airport when traveling.

3) Distribution of Charges

Please choose the correct Fund, Dept., P-Fin, Account, Project (if applicable) and Activity (if applicable) from the drop-down menu.

4) Primary Approver

Please select a Primary Approver from the list of available Approvers. The selection is based on “Departmental Online Approval in PeopleSoft Finance 9.2 Form.


-Air/Rail/Bus – cost of your fare
-Air- Answer either “Yes” or “No”
-Rail- Answer either “Yes” or “No”
-Reimbursable Expenses – Estimated amount of lodging, per diem, auto rental, taxi, etc. that you will be submitting a Miscellaneous Travel Reimbursement.

6) Airline (Section appears if you answered “Yes” to air in the previous cost section.)

-Choose a U.S. Airline from the drop-down menu.
-Specify other airline, if the airline you are using is not in the drop-down menu.
-If sponsored funds are being used, add remarks in the appropriate box.

7) Travel

– Departure Date- Date that your travel begins.
– Return Date – Date that your travel ends.
– Origin – Enter the city and state or country of the traveler’s destination.
–  Destination – Enter the city and state or country of the traveler’s destination.
– Trip Purpose – Detailed explanation of the purpose of travel.


 Please Note: If the travel has already occurred, a “Justification for Travel Date in the Past” box will appear. Write a justification as to why you failed to complete an E-Travel Approval Form prior to your travel departure. In addition, your travel will be approved by a higher authority once the approving authority has approved the E-Travel.

#1. Confirm that the travel arrangements are in full compliance with all items that are listed. Answer either “Yes” or “No.”
#2. Are you completing this form on behalf of someone other than yourself? Answer either “Yes” or “No.” If you answer “No,” the form automatically auto fills question #3, with a “No.”
#3. If you are completing this form on n=behalf of someone else, please verify that the traveler is in full compliance with all items listed in #1. Answer either “Yes” or “No.”
#4. For Federally sponsored travel, confirm that the airline is in compliance with the Fly America Act. Answer either “Yes” or “No.”

CC Section (Optional)

This CC Section is optional, and can be used to CC four (4) email addresses. For example, the “non-employee” traveler can be cc’d.
This section should be used for specific comments regarding the travel. For example:
” Items that may have been charged to the University P-Card. For example: hotel charges, registration fees, etc.
” Items that may have been paid for by another University, company or vendor.
” Any part of the travel that includes personal time and expenses.
” If the travel is funded by two separate departments.
” Many departments use the “comments” section to itemize the “other expenses” total. This could include hotel, transportation, per diems, rental car and other costs associated with the travel.
” If the travel is a group travel and no airline tickets need to be issued, all attendees should be listed in the comments section. If tickets need to be issued, a separate E-Travel is needed for each individual
Submit E-Travel Request Button
Submit the E-Travel Request once all required fields are completed and the E-Travel has been reviewed for errors.

Primary Approving Authority

The E-Travel request will immediately email the Primary Approver selected in the Travel Form.
All E-Travel Approvers for the department will have the E-Travel request in their PeopleSoft Worklist. As soon as the Primary Approver or one of the other E-Travel Approvers approve the travel, the request will drop off everyone’s Worklist.

Foreign Account / Past Date Approving Authority

Any E-Travel request that has the Foreign Account selected in Distribution of Charges, will require additional approvals from the next higher authority. They will also receive an email notifying them that there is an E-Travel ready for approval, as well has having it in the PeopleSoft Finance Worklist.
Any E-Travel request that has a past date will go to the next higher authority. They will also receive an email notifying them that there is an E-Travel ready for approval, as well has having it in the PeopleSoft Finance Worklist.

Denied E-Travel Requests

If an E-Travel is denied, the approver must add an approver comment. In addition, the requestor will receive an email notification that the E-Travel was denied. If applicable, the requestor will then do a supplemental to the original E-Travel and make changes as needed. The traveler comment box should be used to note why the supplemental E-Travel was needed.

Travel Department Approving Authority

The Travel Dept. receives the approved E-Travel after it has been approved by all Department Approving Authorities.
Please make sure that if tickets need to be issued by one of our contracted agencies, that an agency is selected. If the wrong agency is selected or if “Other” was selected in error, a Supplemental E-Travel will need to be completed and approved prior to tickets being issued by the Travel Dept.