Making Travel Reservations

Directions for Making Travel Reservations

Updated 10/26/2021

  1. The traveler makes their reservation through a contracted travel agency.

      * Globetrotter 1-800-322-7032
      * Travel-Leaders 1-800-333-2115
      * Omega 1-800-888-3378

      * Anthony Travel (Athletics Only) 909-605-2018

  1. A Pre-Approval needs to be submitted.

See the FAQs and the link:   How to create a travel pre-approval (17 min)

  1. The Pre-Approvalform is then approved in the New Travel System and sent to the designated travel agency to issue the tickets.
  1. The agency sends the itinerary back to the traveler through the DocuSign approval process.

**Please Note the following:

**Even though an individual makes their own travel reservations (by personal credit card) A Pre-Approval needs to be submitted,

in the travel agency section of the  Pre-Approval form you would use “Other”.

**Please remember that there is a 24 hour window before the price of the ticket will change.

Airline Information

**Please verify all information on the itinery that you receive from the contracted travel agency for accuracy.

Travelers are advised to contact your airline prior to going to the airport (even if you already have your boarding pass) in order to verify that your flight has not been cancelled or delayed. This will ensure that you do not arrive at the airport only to find that you made the trip unnecessarily.

In addition, make sure that you give the travel agency your cell phone number and home telephone number, so that your airline can notify you directly of any last minute changes.