PAW AP Transactions

UMBC has multiple ways in which to make a purchase or make a payment, whether it is for new equipment, paying for a catered event or compensation for a guest speaker. All these activities have specific rules as well as methods with which we can quickly complete a transaction and maintain compliance with the State of Maryland.  You will find a link at the end of each description for instructions on completing that payment type.

NOTE:  Attachments accompanying Payment Requests or invoices should be in PDF format or it will be returned.

UMBC Payment Tools

P-Cards are credit cards that offer flexibility and convenience to make occasional purchases for a department. Neither Pcard purchases nor any pcard related information is contained in the PAW system.  As a tax-exempt institution, the card has the UMBC tax ID number printed on the face of the card. The vendor/supplier must process all transactions with the tax exemption. There are also restrictions on what kind of purchases can be made on the card (i.e. no alcoholic beverages). There are two training sessions that are required for all users of the P- Card in order for Procurement to authorize a user. The myUMBC Training page will be the location for the registration of upcoming sessions if you are interested in obtaining a P-Card for your department. If you do not have a P-Card but think it would be a good method to make limited purchases and avoid the paperwork and time needed for a personal reimbursement, other P-Card holders on campus can make a purchase for you and apply the expense to your department’s Chartstring.  Pcard Information

Payment Requests

The Payment Request form in PAW Procurement System (PPS) will be one of several ways to make a purchase or issue a payment.  Payment Request form may be used for:

    • Invoices less than $600, that are *NOT* recurring
    • Miscellaneous reimbursements (out of pocket expenses that are *NOT* Travel)
    • R*Stars Payments
    • Honorariums– Details
    • Stipends – Details
    • Refunds of Revenue
    • Memberships/Registrations (where the P-Card is not accepted)
    • Student Cultural Events

Payment Request form should *NOT* be used for:

    • Invoices over $600
    • Travel Expenses (when using accounts 7040100, 7040300, 7040330, etc)
    • Subaward payments (there is a separate form for subawards)

After accessing PPS, locate the Forms area and select the Payment Request form.

PAW Payment Request Instructions

Payment Request Guidance

Subaward Payments

The Subaward payment form was created in PPS, separate from the Payment Request form, to include questions from the Invoice Checklist so that a paper checklist is no longer required AND will include the PI in the approval workflow, in addition to the Department Approver and AP Approver.  PAW Subaward Payment Request Instructions

Contract Invoices

Many purchases that were once conducted using purchase orders are now completed on Contracts.  These purchases include any service for which you previously created blanket POs.  Examples include but are not limited to:  Catering, Consulting, many Events, Service Contracts, and other services.  PAW Contract Invoice Instructions

Purchase Order Invoices

Purchase orders are used to make purchases of good/services that cannot be purchased on a pcard, a contract, and does not meet requirements for payment request.  Instructions on creating a requisition are located on Procurement’s website.  Requisitions/POs are created against enabled and non-enabled suppliers.  **Purchase orders must be issued to place an order with a supplier.  Purchase orders will not be issued after the fact to pay an invoice.  The enabled supplier sends invoices electronically through PAW.  Invoices for non-enabled suppliers must be entered manually against the PO.  PAW PO Invoice Instructions

Receiving Against a PO

­When you have received the goods or services that were procured using a purchase order, you must create a receipt in PAW against that Purchase Order before the invoice may be processed for payment.  PAW PO Receiving Instructions

Receiving Against a “Punch Out” Vendor Invoice

When you have received the goods or services that were procured using a Punch Out Vendor, you must create a receipt in PAW against that Invoice before the invoice may be processed for payment.

  1. Checking for Punch Out Invoices – Not Received
  2. PAW Receiving Instructions

Tracking a Payment / Check PAW Payment Information

UMBC employees may check to see if a payment was made by accessing the invoice in the PAW system. .  A payment may be waiting for department approval, be in process, or paid by State.