Tracking a Payment

PAW access limited to UMBC Employees (not vendors)

Payment by State of Maryland

UMBC employees may check to see if a payment was made by accessing the invoice in the PAW system.  Once you pull up the invoice, scroll about halfway down the page to the Payment Information section.  This section may also help you determine where your invoice is regarding the stage in the payment process.  A payment may be waiting for department approval, be in process, or paid by State.

  1. Approval Not Completed


If your invoice has no information in the Payment Information section, as shown above, the Approval Workflow steps have not been completed.

  1. Sent to State

If your invoice has completed the Approval Workflow and has been processed for payment by Business Services, the State Pay Status will show Sent To State with the Amount Paid field populated, as above.

  1. Paid by State

If your invoice has completed Approval Workflow, been processed for payment by Business Services and paid, the Payment Method field will be populated with Check or ACH.  The *Record No. is either the check number mailed out by the state or the ACH transfer reference number.  The Record Date is the date the check was mailed or the payment was transmitted.

*If the Record No. starts with LO, the funds have been seized by the state and the supplier needs to contact the Liability Offset desk at 410-767-1642 or 1644 to resolve the matter.